Hello. In this post, we will see the API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally.

This will help you in generating E-Invoice without change in your work process.

The key features of integrating Relyon API with Tally are as below:

  • Quick and seamless configuration
  • Sales Voucher are generated in Tally
  • E-Invoice (IRN with QR Code) is generated in a single click
  • Upload Invoices, Credit/Debit Notes, and E-Way Bills
  • E-Invoice PDF with IRN & QR Code can be printed directly from Tally

Relyon API will be implemented in Tally as below:

  • Database Schema is analysed
  • Creation of view to fetch candidate invoices for E-Invoicing
  • Creation of table to store IRN, QR Code, and other details as received from IRP
  • Configuration of Relyon API Connector
  • Modification in PDF Reports to include QR Code

Let us now see step-by-step the process in Tally. Before starting the process there are a few additional mandatory fields to be entered/enabled in Tally for the workflow which are as below:

  1. In Company Information

  • Country Name
  • State Name
  • Pin Code
  • Address of the Company
  • Phone Number – The length should be between 6 to 12 digits
  1. In Party Master

  • Country Name
  • Party State Name
  • Pin Code
  • Party GSTIN
  • Party Type
  • Registration Type
  1. In Item Ledger and Income Ledger

  • HSN code
  • GST Rates

Now, the process is as explained below:

Once the configuration is done is Tally, go to Saral E-Invoice in Gateway of Tally.

1.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-saral e-invoive

Here, click on Generate e-Invoice.

2.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-generate invoice

Generate and save the invoice.

3.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-save invoice

After generating the invoice, all the invoices will be displayed. Select the required invoice and click on Upload e-Invoice.

4.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-upload invoice

The invoice will be auto uploaded to IRP and the IRN with QR Code will be received back at Tally. Once, E-invoice is generated the same will be displayed in blue colour.

5.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-generated invoice list

To view the E-Invoice details, open the particular invoice, and the IRN with invoice status will be displayed.

6.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-view details

Now, print the invoice and the invoice will be printed with IRN and QR code.

7.API integration for E-Invoicing in Tally-print invoice

The QR code can be scanned to validate the E-Invoice through the department given QR Code app.

This completes the process of E-Invoicing through Relyon API in Tally.