Hello, in this post we will discuss the latest news of the new GST return forms released by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

The government released the new return forms which businesses will have to file for paying GST from the next financial year.

The new return forms are:

(The above links will take you to the explanation for each form)

New GST return forms

The new forms would make the compliance process easier. Businesses with annual turnover upto 5 crores have the option to file any of the three forms.

You need to provide the HSN wise details at the invoice level rather than summary level. Adding to that, the new format will require the details of 6 digit HSN level wherein the current format you require the details at 4 digit HSN codes.

According to the GST council, the new forms will be implemented starting from April 1st, 2019. It will be made mandatory from June 1st, 2019 as per the decision from GST Council.

Conditions to choose / Opt GST Return types

Conditions Normal (RET1) Monthly Normal (RET1) Quarterly Sahaj (RET2) Sugam (RET3)
Filing Period Monthly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Turnover above 5Cr Yes No No No
Turnover below 5Cr with only B2C transactions Yes Yes Yes No
Turnover below 5Cr with only B2C and B2B  transactions Yes Yes No Yes
Turnover below 5Cr with B2C, B2B, export transactions Yes Yes No No
Allow inward transactions with RCM Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-commerce transactions Yes Yes No No
ITC against missing invoices Yes Yes No No
Nil, Non-GST, Exempted transactions Yes Yes Yes Yes
HSN Code (6 Digits) Mandatory Optional Optional Optional

When to convert from one return to other

You can also see how to switch to New GST Return in Saral GST: