Hello Everyone. In this post, we will discuss the steps for GSTR-3B online preparation and submission.

If you want to know more details about GSTR-3B, also check out our other post which talks about GSTR-3B in detail.

GSTR-3B online preparation and Submission

Let us start.

Step-1: Go to www.gst.gov.in (GST Portal)

Step-2: Login with valid credentials.

Step-3: Click on Services, then select Returns and from the drop-down menu, click on Returns Dashboard. 

gstr-3b preparation and submission 1

Step-4: In File Returns, select the Financial Year and Return Filing Period (Month) for which you want to file the return from the drop-down list.

Step-5: Then click the SEARCH button.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 2

Step-6: The File Returns page is shown and this page contains the due date of filing the returns, which the taxpayer is required to file using separate tiles.

Step-7: Next, in Monthly Return GSTR-3B tile, click PREPARE ONLINE.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 3

Step-8: Click the OK button.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 4

You need to answer a list of questions is provided so that it displays the relevant sections applicable to you.

Step-9: Then click the NEXT button. So based on your answers, relevant tables will be visible. To view the previous screen, click on the BACK button.

Step-10: After the details are added, then click SAVE GSTR-3B at the bottom of the page. A success message will be displayed.

Step-11: Next click on SUBMIT to submit the finalized GSTR-3B return so after that a success message is displayed at the top.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 5

When the form is submitted, the data added will be frozen. So, changes can not be made in any fields after this and the ITC and Liability ledger will also be updated after the submission.

Step-12: In the end, the status of the GSTR- 3B will be shown Submitted.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 6

NOTE: GSTR-3B NIL return

Nil return is filed if you have not made any outward supply (sale) and have NOT received any goods/ services (purchase) as well as do not have any tax liability.

So to file a Nil return:

  1. Select Yes for option A.
  2. Click NEXT button.
  3. Preview Draft GSTR-3B
  4. File GSTR-3B
  5. Download Filed Return

gstr-3b preparation and submission 7

The Form GSTR-3B – Monthly Return page is displayed.

Hence the tiles applicable will be shown, to provide the details based on the selection made in the previous page.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 8

In the image above, each tile represents Tables, where we need to enter valid details. Then click on the tile names to provide details.

To know more about the different tables in GSTR-3B, refer this blog – GSTR-3B.

To preview the GSTR-3B draft

Step-1: Firstly click on PREVIEW DRAFT GSTR-3B at bottom of the page to view the summary page of Form GSTR-3B for review. Accordingly, it will download the draft summary page of your Form GSTR-3B.

Step-2: The entries in different sections can be reviewed and verified by you before proceeding with the payment. Finally, a PDF file would be produced with the watermark of draft as the liabilities are yet to be offset.

gstr-3b preparation and submission 9

A draft copy, for example, looks like:

gstr-3b preparation and submission 10

So, we have come to an end of this post on GSTR-3B. What do you think about this post? Let us know about your views and opinions in the comment section below.