In this post, we will see the e-way bill generation from Eway bill portal. Also, we will discuss the pre-requisites and e-way bill format.

We will talk about the following:

E-way bill

E-way Bill is an electronic way bill for movement of goods which can be generated on the Eway Bill Portal.

Transportation of goods of more than Rs. 50,000 (Single Invoice / bill / delivery challan) in value in a vehicle cannot be made by a registered person without an Eway bill from 1st April 2018.

Eway bill can be generated, extended or cancelled through the Eway bill website, SMS, and by Site-to-Site Integration (through API). When an Eway bill is generated a unique Eway bill number (EBN) is allocated and is available to the supplier, recipient, and the transporter.

Pre-requisites of the e-way bill:

The pre-requisites for generating Eway bill are as below;

  • Registration on the EWB portal
  • The Invoice / Bill / Challan related to the consignment of goods must be in hand
  • If transportation is by road, Transporter ID or the Vehicle number must be in hand
  • If transportation is by rail, air, or ship, Transporter ID, Transport document number, and date on the document must be in hand

E-way bill Format

The FORM GST EWB-01 contains all the details of the e-way bill.  It contains two parts:

GSTIN of Recipient (if the recipient is unregistered mention as URP) Vehicle Number in which goods are transported
Place of Delivery – PIN Code of Place
Invoice or Challan Number
Invoice or Challan Date
Value of Goods
HSN Code – At least 2 digit of HSN Code
Reason for Transportation – Supply / Exp / Imp / Job Work etc
Transportation Document Number (TDN) – Document Number provided by the transporter

E-way bill generation process

Step-1: Visit Eway bill common portal at and log in using your login credentials.

e-way bill generation 1

Step-2: You will be re-directed to the dashboard of your Eway bill portal login. Information regarding your recent process in the portal and other options will be available on this screen as shown below.

E-way bill generation 2

Step-3: Different options required for Eway bill generation are listed on the left of the screen.

E-way bill generation 3

Step-4: To generate a new Eway bill, go to “e-Waybill -> Generate New”.

E-way bill generation 4

Step-5: The details entry screen will be displayed. Enter the required details one-by-one;

E-way bill generation 5

Transaction details:

Transaction Type: Outward if you are the supplier and Inward if you are the recipient of the goods.

Sub Type: Depending on the transaction type, the sub-type of the transaction will be displayed.

For Outward:

E-way bill generation 6

For Inward:

E-way bill generation 7

Document Details: The information of the document being sent with the goods

E-way bill generation 8

Note: You will not be allowed to enter the future date.

Bill From & Bill To details: The details of the supplier and the recipient of the goods. Depending on the type of transaction, your details will be auto-filled in From / To section.

E-way bill generation 9

Enter the other party details.

Note: If the supplier/recipient is unregistered, then mention ‘URP’ in the field GSTIN, which indicates that the supplier/recipient is an ‘Unregistered Person’.

Item Details: Complete Details of the items that are being transported.

E-way bill generation 10

Transporter Details: The details of the transporter, transportation mode and the transporting vehicle details are given in this section.

E-way bill generation 11

Step-6: On entering all the details, click on Preview to re-look into the details. On successful preview, click on Submit to generate the Eway Bill Number (EBN)

E-way bill generation 12

E-way bill reprint

If you want to re-print the Eway bill, then follow the below steps;

Step-1: Go to the e-way bill option on the left of the screen. Under this option, select Print EWB.

E-way bill generation 13

Step-2: Enter the EWB No. which is required.

E-way bill generation 14

The EWB will be displayed, which can be re-printed and used.

Part-B eway bill generation

If you want to update the PART-B information in the EWB, then follow the below steps;

Step-1: Go to the e-waybill option on the left of the screen. Under this option, select Update Part B / Vehicle.

E-way bill generation 15

Step-2: Enter the EWB No. or the date of EWB generation. The EWB generated will be listed.

E-way bill generation 16

E-way bill generation 17

Step-3: Next, Select the relevant EWB, make the required changes and click on Submit.

E-way bill generation 18

The changes will be updated.

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